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 Money Saving Tips

Consider This: Be sure to discuss money saving strategies with your family so that everyone understands the goals and expectations.

Holiday / Gift: Before Christmas with the family, consider setting cost limitations on the gifts. This will reduce costs and stress from competing for the most expensive gift. It will also help those who are experiencing financial difficulties.

Recreation / Vacationing / Entertainment: Before going on a trip, write a packing list. It will aid you in remembering what you need so that you don't have to purchase items at higher prices on your trip.

Household and Utilities: Before purchasing the second freezer or refrigerator, determine whether or not you can justify the additional expense. If you do purchase one, avoid placing it in an unconditioned garage if possible.

Recreation / Vacationing / Entertainment: Before traveling, determine whether flying or driving is cheaper. If you do fly, buy tickets in advance and avoid flying on the weekends. Do your research to determine the cheapest dates to travel, both for transportation and accommodations.

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 Time Saving Tips

Work: Discover when you are the most focused. Most people work better during certain parts of the day, so become familiar with your personal pattern. When possible, work during the time you are most alert and concentrated.

Cleaning: Do not allow paper and e-mails to pile up. Regularly sort through them to discard what is unnecessary. This will prevent stressful mess in the future. It will also aid you in more easily finding your work.

Work: Do not attempt a difficult task at the end of the day. Instead, select something easy so that you can feel successful as you end your work.

Consider This: Do not be content with your current level of education. This does not, however, necessarily mean that you must return to school. There are a vast number of resources available for educating yourself, and many of them are free. Use them. You will not advance unless your knowledge advances

Consider This: Do not create a schedule that is so tight it allows for no interruptions or emergencies. Allow a small amount of flexible time and avoid waiting until the deadline to complete things.

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