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 Money Saving Tips

Consider This: When you consider buying something, question that decision. Do you really need it? Wait at least a week before making a large purchase so that you have time to consider it. If you decide to buy it, spend time searching for deals.

Household and Utilities: When you cook vegetables, use only a minimal amount of water and avoid overcooking them. Not only does overcooking cost more, but it also reduces the nutritional value.

Food (Grocery & Eating Out): When you go out to eat, drink water instead of soda. It is both free and healthy.

Food (Grocery & Eating Out): When you go out to eat, skip the drinks and dessert. For example, say a family of four purchased four drinks at $1.50 each and four desserts costing $2.50 each. If they were to eliminate those items, they could save $16 every time they go out to eat. If they only go out to eat an average of four times per month, they would still be saving $768 per year!

Food (Grocery & Eating Out): Whenever a new grocery store opens up, be sure to check the prices. It will likely have a Grand Opening sale with great discounts, and you can become familiar with the regular prices of other items.

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 Time Saving Tips

Work: Don't strive for perfection. While brain surgeons should do a perfect job, not everyone needs to accomplish every task perfectly. In fact, perfectionism is often harmful. It can cause you to put off a difficult task or to spend too much time agonizing over it. Instead, you should strive for excellence. Do the best you can in a reasonable amount of time.

Consider This: Don't underestimate the importance of planning. If you devote time to planning a project, you will be able to complete it more quickly and effectively.

Consider This: Don't wait for water to boil or laundry to wash. Do something else while you wait.

Cleaning: Don't wait until the night before the family get together to clean your house. Instead, clean a small amount on a regular basis so that the house is constantly clean.

Cleaning: Don't wash clothing just because you wore it. Did that shirt really get dirty during the two hours you wore it in an air conditioned room? If it isn't dirty, don't wash it. You will save time and money.

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