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 Money Saving Tips

Household and Utilities: Only preheat your oven when absolutely necessary and avoid opening the oven more than is needed.

Household and Utilities: Placing foil on oven racks decreases circulation, causing food to cook slower and less efficiently. Leaving the racks uncovered increases savings. Staggering pans on the various racks improves air flow.

Recreation / Vacationing / Entertainment: Plan a family game night. This could include sports, board games, or any other activity. Playing these games is beneficial to your health, relationships, and finances. If possible, schedule this on a regular basis.

Recreation / Vacationing / Entertainment: Plan for a trip or vacation as you would any other expense. Save a set amount of money each month as a part of your budget.

Holiday / Gift: Plan for birthdays and holidays in advance. If you are hosting the party or just buying a gift, be sure that you have budgeted for the expense. You may need to add a gifts or parties section to your budget so you can save for them monthly.

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 Time Saving Tips

Consider This: Learn to say ?no.? You will sometimes be asked to do something that doesn't fit your schedule or your goals. If this is the case, you should politely state that you are unable to do the task.

Consider This: Listen to others. They have knowledge and experience which you lack, so you can learn from them without having to make the same mistakes. You can also share your expertise with others.

Home: Maintain a consistent sleeping schedule by going to bed and waking up at the same time each day. This habit will increase your awareness, causing you to be more effective with your time.

Work: Make all of your phone calls at one time since grouping like tasks together increases efficiency. Give coworkers and customers preferred calling hours. When making business calls, determine what you need to speak about before making the call.

Home: Make large chores, such as yard work, a family activity. You will be growing in your relationships while completing tasks at a faster pace. You may even have some fun!

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